A new concept

from your friends

at P. Terry's...


...offering the same quality fresh ingredients and all-natural proteins

Taco Ranch is a throwback to the taco stands of the 60's:small menu , items made from scratch. Really, really simple.

Beginning with our breakfast taco - we use whole, organic eggs served scrambled with all-natural chorizo, sausage, and bacon.  Our potatoes are fresh, hand cut and cooked throughout the morning.  Our lunch and dinner menu begins with all-natural fresh Black Angus beef for our taco meat, seasoned and slowly cooked during the day.  We use all-natural chicken breasts and our refried beans are made from scratch, beginning with soaking hand selected pinto beans and which are slow-cooked for hours.

Our guacamole is simple - fresh avocados, our own fresh pico de gallo and (again) fresh lime juice.  We make this in our store twice a day.  We offer two salsa's (green and red) - they're house made, as are all of our dressings... Ranch, Creamy Jalapeno and Lime Vinaigrette.  The Taco Ranch queso is also made fresh in our store using white cheese and real milk.  Our grated cheese is real cheddar and we chop our own lettuce and tomatoes fresh throughout the day.

We make fresh corn tortillas at the restaurant and then fry our own tacos, tostados and chalupa shells.  Although our flour tortillas are made off-site, we work with a local producer to recreate our own recipe.

So, it's all pretty simple, but we think the results are pretty great.

Give us a try and let us know how we did.